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Why become a Co-op member?

  1. A cash refund on your purchases.
  2. Only Co-op returns profits to its customers.
  3. No annual membership fees. Your one-time $10 investment buys a lifetime membership for you and your family.
  4. Local ownership. Humboldt Co-op is locally owned by it's members. All profits go directly to the members and stay in the local community. Local ownership means Co-op is here to meet the needs of local residents, not outside investors.
  5. Democratic control. You have a voice in how the co-op operates. At the annual general meeting members have an opportunity to propose and vote on resolutions, vote for the board of directors and provide input on how the business operates.
  6. Warehouse Sales. Four times a year at the food centres, you can save really big at our warehouse sales.
  7. Full-serve and great hours. Our c-store provides full service and is conveniently open long hours to serve you.
  8. Co-op Kids' Club. It's free to join. Kids' Club members receive special treats at co-op stores, can take part in Kid's Club promotions and receive a birthday card in the month of their birthday.
  9. Superior customer service. We strive to treat each member as an owner of the business and provide a friendly, pleasant shopping experience. We offer full service at the pumps, fuel delivery grocery bagging and carry-out service.
  10. Support our local community. Humboldt Co-op supports a wide range of community programs and groups.
  11. Quality Co-op® Products: Co-op Gold®, Country Morning®, Harmonie®, Sonic®, Shopmaster®, EP 3000® Diesel Fuel, award winning store-made sausage, 14 day aged beef with ¼" trim, "Guaranteed available or it's free" BBQ chicken, "Ripe and Ready" produce, "Fresh at 4 or it's free" French bread, Marvelous Muffins.
  12. Convenience. Humboldt Co-op locations easy to find and easy get what you need in a timely manner.

  13. Member Documents

    Membership Application

    Change of Address

    Equity Withdrawl


    Kids' Club

    Phil giving a cheque to a member